1654 is the year the beautiful Kharkiv was founded. And City Café is a place with all-day breakfast. With charming confectionery and fresh pastry. With friendly coffee shop and cocoa with marshmallows. It’s a cosy and cheerful place with good food. You want to meet up, fall in love, make friends and dream here. Because there is enough happiness for everyone in a big city!


Dynamic, modern and homey food. We serve a new breakfast every day: from american pancakes to Israeli hummus and from turkish boreks to chinese ramen with home-made noodles. Our confectionery is a true challenge: classic napoleon cake or blackberry cheesecake, French meringue or salty caramel brownie, Italian panforte or Belgian truffle. It’s not a menu, it’s a world map!


In the historical centre of Kharkiv, in a legendary building at 2/2 Konstytutsii Square – this is exactly where you can find City Café 16/54. Every day we serve all-day breakfast and treat you to crispy toast, home-made jam and regular coffee. Early breakfast, family lunch or romantic dinner – at 16/54 we are always glad to see our friends!


At City Café 16/54 our confectioners will make your dream cake of any taste, shape, colour or size.


You can take away any of our dishes or drinks, be it a hot soup, a salad, a pie or a cake! And, of course, how can you start the day without an aromatic cappuccino from 16/54?


Variety of jams, Taiga honey, home-made bitters and cookies. Don’t forget to get a little treat for your friends before visiting them!

HAPPINESS enough for everyone!


City Café 16/54 online