Lyubimy Dyadya is a citizen of the world, his life is made of travels and discoveries. Every corner of his house represents a place he has been to or is going to visit. World-classics books, scooters, an old piano, graffiti and paintings by Kharkiv artists, a collection of clocks, a fireplace and designer furniture. It’s always more interesting than at home, but as cosy and warm at the same time.


Our cuisine has a bright personality of Middle East. It’s the meeting place of hundreds of ingredients and combinations in our interpretation of classical dishes from Morocco, Israel, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey and Greece. You will see Lebanese tabbouleh, Israeli hummus, Moroccan shakshuka, bourekas, which have already become iconic, and Palestinian baba ganoush.


Dyadya loves his guests. Every person who visits his home becomes part of his life. Early business breakfasts or late Sunday brunches, long noisy outings or take away orders, formal events or romantic dinners – we do our best to make our common way long and interesting. When we see happy faces around we understand – life is good!


In our home breakfast is served from 8am to 12 pm on weekdays and from 9am to 2pm at the weekend. An early business breakfast before a long working day – what could be better?


We care for our guests. A take away dish is a great opportunity to save time and enjoy your favourite tastes at home or at work.


Dyadya prepared a box of toys and cartoon video library for our young guests entertainment and their parents comfort. As well as a special, fresh and healthy menu.

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