We are always looking for something and finally find it, we argue a bit but have a lot of fun, we love to create together and share with you, develop and let go. However we will never come with the only one and right decision, because each of us has his or her own ZUZU in the mind.


Restaurant with the gastronomic choice which makes your head go round and round. Mediterranean, European, Middle Eastern and Asian cuisine. Reinterpreted hits of world restaurant and street food. A simple idea of share – atmosphere of a friendly dinner for the company of close friends, when the variety of dishes on the table, when you can and have to try something from your neighbor’s plate.


Would you like to sip, drink or get drunk? Saffron gin or 25-year-old whiskey? Come and do not give up, because we share with you our new and already loved cocktails. No prescription needed. Repeat, if necessary.


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