Qualcosa da mangiare

Let’s all forget the words “classic” and “traditional”. In The Italian Edition there are three types of flour in pizza dough, chicken liver is stewed in dessert wine (just like Italian immigrants in New York used to do), turkey tortellini supplement the canonical Jewish chicken broth, and seafood actually prevails in seafood pasta. The Italian dessert standards – tiramisu, cannoli, babà – are also refracted by the multicultural prism. This is the Italian cuisine of today – modern, versatile – after a thorough but still respectful editing. No, we don’t cook by nonna’s recipe book, but we keep it on our most honorary bookshelf.

Qualcosa da bere

Just relax – and start with one of our five exclusive Bellinis. Wait – Bellini for aperitif? Oh yes, trust us. Next come wines, more than 100 interesting and diverse Italian wines from wine makers we picked just as we pick friends – meticulously. Finish with grappa: choose your darling from the five available options, and cheat on it wth another one the next evening.


Diversity in gastronomy contributes to the diversity in decoration – we are the people of the world, and we’re all about fun. On the walls – the vibrant paintings by Andrey Gladkiy. Art objects from all over the world, detected in antique stores and flea markets, are gathered under one roof. Ages mirrors, along with the hypnotic sculptures, make the guest showily freeze – all these pieces have their own hidden messages, that unveil a little treasure hunter in every one of us.