Each city has a central place where the life is in full swing. It occupies the top line in guidebooks, appointments are made here, you choose your favorite dishes easily and recommend them to foreigners. Every Kharkiv citizen will say that we do have such place – it is Gorcafe 1654. It is where people come for a friendly atmosphere, cosmopolitan cuisine and noisy evenings at the bar.


You can have breakfast at Gorcafe 1654 at any time of the day. Classic cheesecakes and lazy dumplings, sixteen kinds of cereals and eggs in any format – everyone will find breakfast on the menu, that makes a reason to wake up in the morning.

It is also easy to have healthy lifestyle here – there is a whole healthy menu of modern but tasty home-style dishes. And if today you want to give yourself an indulgence, then our confectioners are ready to seduce: Oreo cheesecake, homemade Napoleon and that one tube with condensed milk.

You become dizzy from the smell of our bakery – this are the bakers in the morning who are conjuring over city pies, fresh bread and the best croissants. You want to try everything and come back many more times! And be sure to call friends for a long dinner – order a lot of goodies, share them and choose your favorite cocktail.


At the communal table important dates are celebrated and new acquaintances are made – we thank our perfect Cosmopolitan and already legendary Kharkiv Mule for that. Additionally Gorcafe 1654 wine list will tell more than any map of the world – shall we drink South African pinotage or Chilean sira today? Moreover, you can not go beyond the framework of healthy lifestyle even with wine – just choose biodynamic, organic or non-alcoholic. Healthy matcha, all kinds of smoothies and four types of alternative coffee on two types of grain – there is always a choice!



As soon as you enter to Gorcafe 1654, there ia immediately BAM – and love happens. There is a confectionery showcase just at the entrence with desserts in jars, healthy sweets and beautiful cakes. And after the first piece you will definitely want to order whole cake home – of any taste, size and color.


Are you in the mood today to dine in the office, spend the evening at home or have a picnic with friends in nature? No problem: we can prepare almost any dish or drink from the menu to take away. Because Gorcafe 1654 is favorite food that is always with you. And the main hero in the company will be the one who did not forget to bring the dessert!


At Gorcafe 1654 you feel like at home and you want to spend the most important days here. It is simple – cozy halls can be rented for a kids’ party, a noisy bachelorette party or a beautiful buffet table. DJ, photographer, animator – everything is possible for our favorite guests!


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